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– No Cost To You –

Cost Free

We’ve eliminated all cost to you. No startup fees and no monthly fees help you stay in business. And, we don’t take any of your sales. Your customers pay a small technology fee when they order. That’s how we keep the lights on.

Touch Free

No credit cards and no cash – all orders are placed and paid for online. We provide a completely touch-free transaction. Keep your staff and customers safe.

App Free

We make it easy for your customers to order. They just text in to access your menu. No app to download means high adoption.

How it works:

  1. Customers text in your keyword
  2. They’ll receive a text with a clickable link to your menu
  3. They order and pay on their phone
  4. The order is sent to an iPad running Text4Service – the order may also be auto printed from a cloud-connected printer
  5. Your staff prepares the order and has it ready for pick-up or delivery


Thinking about Post-COVID-19, in-restaurant Mobile Ordering?


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